Already Complete Audio

A free audio for those struggling to come to peace with not having children.

A little bit about 'Already Complete'

Already Complete: the title of this free audio is my best attempt at summing up something I discovered or realised for myself, in the midst of my own struggles for peace about not having children.  I recorded the audio to point you in the direction of understanding why it's true for you too - you’re already complete, and already have everything you need to live a fulfilled, joyful and wonderful life without children.  

With love, from me to you.

Vivienne Edgecombe

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

(MA Human Resources)

In the last ten years I’ve been studying with pioneers in mental wellbeing and psychology, and now I know for sure what I always suspected: change can be much easier than we've always thought. 

There’s something infinitely more powerful than self-improvement techniques, belief-change, resilience-building and coping strategies – and believe me, I’d tried them all. 

I’ve experienced for myself, and seen in my clients the lasting peace of mind and increased clarity that comes with understanding the nature and power of Thought and the nature and power of us.  I've written books that have helped people the world over uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing.

Now, all my ‘working’ time - with leaders, teams, groups and individuals - and actually much of my ‘down-time’ is spent in this conversation, because not only does it create natural and effortless change, it’s SO MUCH FLIPPING FUN!

Join me to explore the nature of change and the understanding of the mind that frees you up to realise your hidden potential.  There's so much more on offer here than you could possibly imagine.  

Your life can feel much lighter; change can be much easier - I promise you.