Take a load off your mind

Change Coaching and Consultancy
for resilience, clarity and peace of mind 

The Inside-Out Approach
Creating change through understanding, not application.

In the same way that understanding the implications of how gravity works has helped humanity make huge technological advances,
understanding the implications of how the mind actually works clears up a widely-held misunderstanding and
opens up infinite possibilities in the field of human potential, resilience and creativity.

With less on our minds, we are capable of much, much more.

Are you ready to take a load off your mind?

Here's how we can work together

Hi, I'm Vivienne

From a background in HR and Organisational Development, my fascination with human beings and what stops us from showing up at our beautiful best every day, led me to an understanding of the mind that is transforming psychology, mental wellbeing and organisations the world over – from prisons and the streets of Chicago, to boardrooms, meeting rooms and living rooms.

I saw early on the implications for not only personal change but organisational change and culture, of a team or an entire workforce of people who are grounded in their own resilience and sense of calm and clarity.  If you consider that for a moment, you might get a sense of what it would mean for your team or organisation too.  

This understanding now forms the foundation of the work I do in business and with individuals who are struggling with stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

So if you’re looking for more clarity and a sense of resilience on a personal level, or in a work context, get in touch – I’d love to have an introductory conversation with you that just might open up a whole new way of seeing yourself, your team or even your life.

Take care

 I’ve naturally dropped a whole lot of intellectualising and analysing, and gained a lot more headspace (and time) in its place. People comment on the way I remain calm or grounded when others are flying off the handle. 

Megan Scott

HR Director, New Zealand

I have realised that I am not broken, that my thoughts are simply like clouds in a blue sky, and that storms pass...

Emma Stewart-Rigby

HR Networks Manager, UK

"Unbelievable. This understanding has changed my life.  I've reclaimed my head...
The accumulation of all this change Viv is quite overwhelming to me, but joy is soaking into my world, and I am only just getting started."
Jane Bryant

NHS England