One-to-one coaching

One-to-One coaching to reclaim your headspace and get on with life

The power of one-to-one

When stress and anxiety are your constant companions, it can feel like they're running the show, and that the 'real you' doesn't get a say.  

If that's the case for you, and you'd like a more personalised coaching experience, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to work with me one-to-one.

When we're feeling stressed, overwhelmed or less-than-resilient, we see the impacts across our entire lives.  

And those impacts all come with a cost.  

Have you thought about how your life might be different if you could find freedom from stress and anxiety and live with more clarity and peace of mind?

What would change about...

Your relationships?

The amount of time and energy you spend ruminating and dwelling?

The things you'd really love to do, that you've stopped yourself from doing?

The exhaustion that comes with feeling vulnerable, feeling like an impostor, or having to constantly defend and protect?

The tangible limits on your life - financially, geographically, socially?

If your life is feeling limited in any of these ways (or ways I haven't listed) I'd like to invite you to join me for one-to-one coaching. 

This is the most personal, and for many the most impactful way of working with me, as it's tailored directly and intimately to your situation and your needs.

"I was preparing for a big public speaking event and just one conversation with Viv helped me to see through my procrastination around rehearsing my talk - and pointed me in a new direction.  Viv's coaching style was ever so calm and spacious. She is great at just noticing things you say, gently holding up the mirror and leaving you to look at yourself through your own eyes."

Michelle Howie,
Consultant, NZ

Insight vs Information

Real change doesn't come from information overload and new coping mechanisms; it comes from seeing something new and fresh in a moment.  

This change is effortless and fundamental.

That's why you won't walk away from one-to-one coaching with a tonne of new information to assimilate, or new strategies and techniques to help you manage your mental state.

You'll have less on your mind, not more.

How it works

Option 1: One-to-One Coaching Immersion


We'll spend four days together,  in person or virtually, clearing away the misunderstanding that's keeping you feeling stuck, and 
re-aligning you to how life really works.  

Then we'll have three followup coaching calls over the next 6 weeks, to explore what you've been noticing and to iron out any 'yes, but' moments or questions that may have come up for you since our time together. 

While I can't predict what insights you'll have, experience tells me that you'll start to see how living in alignment with life's design can take a load of irrelevant thinking off your mind and leave you with a profound sense of peace, clarity and resourcefulness.

While four days can seem like a lot of time to take out of a busy schedule, there's something special that happens when we dedicate a chunk of time to diving into this.  And four days starts to look like a tiny investment when you see how much time you've been wasting on the stuff that's been keeping you stuck.

Where will we be?

Wherever you like.

You can come to where I'm based in the French Pyrenees, for a mountain retreat, or we can meet somewhere else of your choosing - preferably away from the buzz of the city.  

My only firm stipulation (as far as I know!) is that we spend the four days away from your usual environment, so that, as much as possible, you're not distracted by the day-to-day of your life.  

For this reason, accommodation and travel costs for either party are not included.

Option 2: Virtual Coaching - 3-month Unlimited Programme

Over the space of three months, you'll have unlimited access to coaching with me as and when you want it. 

Whether it's a full-length video call, a quick chat or a message exchange, you won't have to 'save things up' or feel like you 'wish you'd asked about...'. It's a way of coaching that feels much more aligned with how I like to work and how life really works!

You'll receive copies of my books, and I'll handpick resources as we go, that align with where our conversation is going.

If you're ready to commit to transformation, book in for the programme of your choice and prepare to take a load off your mind

A game-changer in my work and my life in general. If you get the chance to work with Vivienne, just do it.
Megan Scott

HR Director, NZ

I now feel sane again...

Vivienne, thank you so much for transforming my life.
Caty Marks

Restaurant/Café chef, France

I have realised through the resilience coaching that I am not broken, that my thoughts are simply like clouds in a blue sky, and that storms pass... I realised that my continuing suffering is not necessary.
Emma Stewart-Rigby

HR Networks Manager

Viv's quiet authority gave me confidence in her from the outset. She helped me at a time I was in a toxic work environment and developed depression. Viv helped me to understand and see my reactions and thinking in a very different way that enabled me to rediscover my resilience.
Ed Griffin

HR Director, UK