Just Notice

An audio that's not a meditation but might feel like one

A little bit about 'Just Notice'

This is a free gift from my heart to yours.

People often say that being in this conversation has a meditative quality to it. I recorded this short (less than 10 minutes) audio and discovered that, although it’s not a meditation and was never meant to be one, it felt a little ‘trancey’ to record and you might feel some of that too, as you listen to the words that gently point you back to who you are beyond the noise of your busy mind. 


"So beautiful and full of the brilliance of life. I didn't want it to end."

Zoe Patrick
HR Operations Director

"WOW. I just listened to the audio - it's fantastic!  In fact we don't need to do any more programs or videos - just give everyone that!"

Dr Anne Curtis

"Thank you for this recording.  I listened to it and cried last night - a release maybe.  I feel calmer today.  It felt like you were talking right to me."

Emma Stewart-Rigby
HR Networks Manager UK

Vivienne Edgecombe

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

(MA Human Resources)

In the last ten years I’ve been studying with pioneers in mental wellbeing and psychology, and now I know for sure what I always suspected: change can be much easier than we've always thought. 

There’s something infinitely more powerful than self-improvement techniques, belief-change, resilience-building and coping strategies – and believe me, I’d tried them all. 

I’ve experienced for myself, and seen in my clients the lasting peace of mind and increased clarity that comes with understanding the nature and power of Thought and the nature and power of us.  I've written books that have helped people the world over uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing.

Now, all my ‘working’ time - with leaders, teams, groups and individuals - and actually much of my ‘down-time’ is spent in this conversation, because not only does it create natural and effortless change, it’s SO MUCH FLIPPING FUN!

Join me to explore the nature of change and the understanding of the mind that frees you up to realise your hidden potential.  There's so much more on offer here than you could possibly imagine.  

Your life can feel much lighter; change can be much easier - I promise you.


Giovanni Mazza

NHS England

"To realise that my resilience is already there and has always been and not something I need to learn or develop is such a revelation. Wish I knew this earlier in my life!!!!!!!
I feel so much more at ease. I feel far more comfortable with those uncomfortable feelings. Strangely a close colleague of mine mentioned to me the other that I appeared far more at ease and less frustrated. I can’t thank you enough."

Jane Bryant

NHS England

Unbelievable. This understanding has changed my life.
I've reclaimed my head.
I am no longer verbally defensive as I don't take on the judgement of others so readily.
I am no longer mentally cruel to myself. Softer with my own mistakes.
I have been given a new lease of life I have been searching for, for it seems my whole life.
The accumulation of all this change Viv is quite overwhelming to me, but joy is soaking into my world, and I am only just getting started.

Caty Marks


My experience of working with Vivienne has been nothing short of a revelation… the joy and new peace of mind it has given me is priceless.
When I started 'my education', I was in a very bad head space with a huge amount of thinking going on and I recently realised that all of that thinking has vanished.
I now feel sane again; what better compliment to both the understanding and in particular to Vivienne, for all of her careful explanations, encouragement, and patience that she shared with me.
Vivienne, thank you so much for transforming my life.

K von Keisenberg

New Zealand

There's so much more stillness in my head than before... That's been a huge win for me. The peace is great. So much less ruminating. Vivienne is a great coach - I feel so energised after our work together.

Renata Martin


...As Vivienne was surprisingly, unimpressed with my unwitting mental-constructs and mesmerizing dramatic hues…

Leading by congruent example..
...and again loving kindness humanity

Thus, effortlessly seeing me through the mental/emotional sophistry; while acknowledging challenging interludes...

As her, matter of fact loving-kindness…
…nurtured my own personal realizations…
…onto gradually recreating thriving…
…thoughts habits by simply Being Human…

Gratefully, from, Renata Martin, in Canada

Megan Scott

New Zealand

I’ve naturally dropped a whole lot of intellectualising and analysing, and gained a lot more headspace (and time) in its place. People comment on the way I remain calm or grounded when others are flying off the handle. As an HR leader and change professional, this understanding makes a huge difference to my effectiveness in my job and my ability to lead people through change. The simple and practical way that Vivienne shares it makes so much sense to me and has been a game-changer in my work and my life in general. If you get the chance to work with Vivienne, just do it.