Life in Colour Webinar (replay)

A fresh look at life without children and where peace of mind, joy and fulfilment really come from

What if you already have everything you need to live a beautiful life - whether or not you have children?

To take that a step further - what if having children or not has nothing whatsoever to do with your capacity to live a life full of love, peace, joy and fulfilment?

Join Vivienne Edgecombe and Laura White on this free webinar as we expose the myths that keep us stuck 
and reveal the peace of mind and contentment that's waiting for you.

Watch this short video to get a flavour of what you can expect on the webinar
(stay tuned for out-takes at the end)

Vivienne Edgecombe

Coach, Author, Consultant

At the age of about 32, it seemed to me that I had two choices, and both looked devastating to me.  I was either going to have to ‘settle for a lesser life’ without children, or I had to end the relationship with someone I truly loved and wanted in my life.  I was driving myself mad and driving my partner and me apart. 

And no one ever told me there was any other way to feel.

Fast-forward a few very bumpy years, to 2009, I came across an understanding of life that revealed to me how I had innocently been caught up in a misunderstanding about where happiness, peace of mind and fulfilment really come from.  

Now I LOVE my life, and when I look back, all that pain and angst seems so foreign to me. Whether or not I have children is no longer something that defines me, and I no longer feel like I have to justify or explain the fact that I don’t have them.  

I’m free to appreciate every moment of this beautiful life that didn’t turn out at all how I expected.

Laura White

Coach and Consultant

Having suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life, fertility struggles during my 30s - including failed attempts at IVF and a number of miscarriages - seemed to send me further down the road of depression, to a point where I no longer felt capable of leaving the house.  

I lost my job and just wanted to hide from the world.  I tried everything to feel better - NLP, CBT, Hypnotherapy … You name it, I tried it.  

Then, in 2018, I was introduced to the understanding that we’re going to be sharing in this webinar, and having really dived into it over the last ten months (as I write this) everything has changed for me.  

I've found peace of mind I didn't know was possible, and it's led me to a new job, new relationship and a new love for life.

I now feel free and full of gratitude for the infinite possibilities life holds - whether or not that includes having children - and that hope is what I’d love to share with you in the time we have together.

There’s a misperception in much of society today, that would have us believe that a woman (or a man) is not complete if they don’t have children.  It’s taken for granted that if you wanted children and didn’t or couldn’t have them, then you’ll be sad for the rest of your life.

If you’ve been struggling to come to peace with not having children, and wondering if you’ll ever be truly happy or fulfilled without them, join us for this webinar, where we’ll gently but firmly put these damaging suppositions back in their place and share with you the understanding that has led us both from feeling devastated and ‘at the mercy’ of our circumstances, to loving - without conditions - the life we’ve got.

We’re going to expose the myths and limiting beliefs that kept us both stuck for years in thinking that we could never be happy if we didn’t have children, and point you in the direction of the understanding that changed both our lives, without effort and without months or years of therapy.
We'll talk about:

  • What’s really going on when we feel incomplete
  • Going beyond strategies and coping techniques to true peace of mind and unconditional happiness
  • How change really happens and why it doesn’t require ‘work’
  • Why you don’t have to ‘stay positive’
  • Why you don’t have to do charitable works for the rest of your life to feel like you’ve got some purpose

We won't be doing:

  • A pep talk
  • Asking you to share painful stories
  • Giving you ‘hints and tips’ for coping with childlessness (you’ve had enough of those, right?)
  • Giving you strategies for dealing with other people's insensitive comments, Mothers' Day or Christmas (but we'll explain why not)

If you’d like to get a glimpse of what it means to no longer be defined by whether or not you have children, join us - you never know what possibilities might open up as you listen to us sharing a completely fresh perspective on where our peace of mind, wellbeing and value as human beings really sits.

Vivienne and Laura

 "I loved the webinar so much.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, and a tiny part of me feared it might be a pity party around our “less-ness”.  What a lovely discussion it was.  About all the ways women are.  Which is not talked freely about in society.  ...Thank you, to you both and I do hope you will do a few more, if it resonates.  I think we, (M)other’s need this other perspective."


Vivienne Edgecombe

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

(MA Human Resources)

In the last ten years I’ve been studying with pioneers in mental wellbeing and psychology, and now I know for sure what I always suspected: change can be much easier than we've always thought. 

There’s something infinitely more powerful than self-improvement techniques, belief-change, resilience-building and coping strategies – and believe me, I’d tried them all. 

I’ve experienced for myself, and seen in my clients the lasting peace of mind and increased clarity that comes with understanding the nature and power of Thought and the nature and power of us.  I've written books that have helped people the world over uncover their innate resilience and wellbeing.

Now, all my ‘working’ time - with leaders, teams, groups and individuals - and actually much of my ‘down-time’ is spent in this conversation, because not only does it create natural and effortless change, it’s SO MUCH FLIPPING FUN!

Join me to explore the nature of change and the understanding of the mind that frees you up to realise your hidden potential.  There's so much more on offer here than you could possibly imagine.  

Your life can feel much lighter; change can be much easier - I promise you.